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    I like Wilder and Henry the best. I have yet to meet a baby Henry here in FL.

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    Abram - I love this name. One of my friends is named Abram, and goes by Abe. It fits him well, and is quite unique.
    Barnaby - I don't think I'd like to have this name, as it's so close to Barney... I'd rule this one out.
    Bertram - Nice meaning, but a bit out there. It could be shortened to Bert, but then you'll get Bert and Ernie jokes...
    Dexter - I know 2 little Dexters, but I do have big reservations about this name...
    Howell - I honestly don't like this one very much.
    Jotham - Yes, I think it's too weird.
    Wilder - Like.
    Winston - I don't think it's too old. It's the name of a character on the tv show "New Girl", so it's coming back into familiarity.

    I like August and Revere from your signature. From your list, I like Abram, Wilder, and Winston.
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