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Thread: MN for Astrid

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    MN for Astrid

    Hi. I so need help with a middle name for Astrid (my DH 1st Girl Choice)

    Back details...
    sibling name is Kymberley Fae
    Last name is 2 syllables ending in eel sound
    Looking for a 3+ syllable MN

    Here are my 1st thoughts.

    Astrid Penelope
    Astrid Erika
    Astrid Rosaline
    Astrid Beatrice
    Astrid Claudia
    Astrid Eleanor

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    Of your list, I like Astrid Eleanor the best. I also thought of the sweet but alliterative Astrid Alexandra or Astrid Anastasia.

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    Astrid Eleanor is my choice. It's sophisticated and noble.
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    I also like Astrid Eleanor

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    I like Astrid Eleanor, or even better, Eleanor Astrid.
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