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    Middle name for Elsie??

    So I never thought naming our baby would be so hard! Since finding out we're having a girl all I can think about I trying to come up with the perfect name. I love the name Elsie (especially since it was my great nan's name) but seem to be having troubles coming up with a middle name to go with it. At the moment I like Elsie June but think it maybe a little old fashioned. I also like Elsie Thea however our last name ends in 'er' and I'm not sure if it flows nicely. I'm not a fan of may/Mae and my husband doesn't like rose. Any suggestions?

    Other names on our list are:


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    I love the name Elsie! I actually kind of like Elsie Blair from your list. And depending on your surname, I'm sure that Elsie Thea would so fine with an -Er. Not so sure I like Elsie June for the reason you listed. Have you thought about Elsie Jade? I also really like Addison and I think that Addison Elsie is also cute if you're willing to put it in the middle spot~

    Good luck and congrats to you and your s/o~
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    Blair is my husbands favourite name at the moment so Elsie Blair would definitely work. I also like Adele Elise or Addison Elsie

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