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    I would say Liam or Lachlan go the best with your other children's names.

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    Liam... It is super popular, but if you love it and would regret not using it, use it anyway! It's my favorite of your names.

    Lincoln... I totally see the Linkin Park association. It might be the generation I grew up in (they were popular as I was entering middle school/through high school and I still like them - and they are still making music - to this day) but I beg to differ that they're fading out. I still hear their songs played on the radio somewhat regularly, and they are still touring.

    Deacon... Keeg@n and Deacon definitely rhyme too much.

    Lachlan... This is my second favorite of your choices.

    Camden... The place in Jersey is definitely crappy, and I live in a nearby state so that association is pretty strong for me, but I have a distant cousin named Trenton who's never had any problems, and Trenton is supposedly equally crappy. My issue with Camden is that two celebrities have given their kids this name in the last year, and it's a little matchy with Keeg@n.

    Cullen... No. Sorry. I like it too, but all anyone will ever think of is Twilight.
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    Liam – The populairty is of course an issue, but Keegan and Liam sound really great together. I’d use the name you love, even with the popularity.

    Lincoln – Well, I’ll remember Linkin Park in fifteen years. Continuing to laugh at it, to be honest. Even without that association this strikes me as SO trendy.

    Deacon – Good name, I don’t like it next to Keegan though.

    Lachlan – Ditto with Keegan

    Camden – I actually like this one a lot. I live quite close to Camden, New Jersey, but even I see name when I see it. Camden and Keegan is a little clash-y, but I like it better than Deacon and Lachlan

    Cullen – Waaay too on trend for me.

    SO, with Alexandra and Keegan I like Liam, Camden and Deacon in that order.
    The only one I REALLY dislike is Lincoln.

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    Liam - This is a good name, I like it. It's popular for a reason. My second Favourite of your name choices and goes very well with you other kids.
    Lincoln - I like this name. I worked with a Lincon a few years ago and I always thought it was a cool name.
    Deacon - I don't like it. Mostly because of the religous assocation, it's an odd name choice.
    Lachlan -I looove this name, it was one of my favourite choices when naming our second baby a few months ago, but we had a girl. I think it goes great with your other kids names
    Camden - I don't mind this name, no real wow factor though. Like other posters have said it' not a a very good fit with keegan.
    Cullen - I don't like this name. Not because of Twilight, I just don't like the sound of it.

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    Thanks everyone! It has been really helpful to get some feedback. I noticed that almost everyone liked Liam and everyone disliked Cullen! The opinions on the others were pretty varied but I think we are going to cross Cullen off, I had hesitations about the Twilight connection and I think I like some of the other names better!

    The reason we crossed off the names Aidan, Caleb, Declan, Callan, Landon are because other people we are close to have used them recently. Declan might still be on the table. My best friend is pregnant and due before me so if she has a girl or goes with something else, we can add it back to the list but I dont want to decide its the one and then she uses it two months before I am due and I have to find something else. She will probably definitely use it, she fell in love with it when we mentioned it as one of the names we liked when we were pregnant with our last and that was five years ago and shes been saying she was going to use it ever since.
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