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    Boys Names... Opinions Appreciated!

    I did a post on the girls side for opinions so now its time to get some opinions on our boys list! We still haven't told anyone we are pregnant. I will be 12 weeks at the end of the month so we will be doing a big reveal Memorial Weekend when we go to visit family.

    We have two children already... Alex@ndra (Allie) and Keeg@n... LN is P@rker Our styles for boys and girls names are VERY different.

    Here are our boys names so far (in random order)...

    Liam... This is our FAVORITE name this time around and has been on the list everytime we've been pregnant. Keeg@n was my first choice for a boy so we saved Liam for a future baby but now its in the #6 spot. It was #75 the last time we were naming a baby. On top of it being #6, I assuming there are a bunch of boys named William who go by Liam, as well!

    Lincoln... Great name. Great nickname. But when I say the full name, all I hear is Linkin Park. My husband tells me no one will remember them in 15 years. It has also been on the list every pregnancy.

    Deacon... I think this is in our top 3 but when I say Keeg@n and Deacon together, they almost rhyme. My husband is worried about the religious association. We considered this one with our last child as well.

    Lachlan... Great name! My husband worried people won't pronounce it like Lock but more like Lackland. He wants to alter the spelling but I am not on board with that. This has been on the list with every pregnancy as well.

    Camden... My husband is a huge baseball guy and grew up watching Orioles play at Camden Yards. We mentioned this name when we were pregnant last time and was told about a crappy place in Jersey that we werent aware of, but it doesnt make us like it any less.

    Cullen... This was in our top three when I was pregnant with my son. My son was born May 2008 and when I mentioned Cullen, a friend said "like in Twilight?" At the time, I wasnt aware of Twilight and she explained about the books and how the first moving was coming out November 2008. I did some googling and realized that it had a large following so we decided to put this name on the back burner just in case it exploded due to the exposure from the movie and books. I still really like the name regardless of the Twilight association but I just dont know if I want to deal with people always asking "like in Twilight?" everytime I introduce my baby. lol.

    Other names that we liked but have pretty much crossed off the list are
    Aidan, Caleb, Declan, Callum, Callan, Landon

    So, which names do you like the best? Which names sound the best with Alex@ndra and Keeg@n?

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    Liam... It is quite popular... I simply dislike nns as names (i.e. Jack, Sam, Davy, Drew, Liam, etc.).

    Lincoln... But the Linkin Park connotation is fading, and I think will continue to fade. I do love the nn Linc.

    Deacon... Not a fan.

    Lachlan... Lol. Are you from San Antonio? I'm a San Antonian, so if you are, Lackland may be an issue. I would say Locklan, and I think it would only take a quick correction before the person would get it. Moreover, Sarah McLachlan was popular in the 90s, so I don't think it would be difficult.

    Camden... Meh, it's ok, but a bit close to Keegan.

    Cullen... I would assume you were obsessed with Twilight. Not a fan...

    I think I'd go for Alexandra, Keegan, and Lachlan...
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    Liam - pretty popular, but it's a classic name, and it goes well with your other kid's names.

    Lincoln - honestly, I don't think Linkin Park is going anywhere soon. They've already been around at least 10 years, and are still making music. However, I wouldn't associate the name Lincoln with them, at all. I'd never think of Linkin Park if I heard the name Lincoln. I'd think of the president, which is definitely not a bad association, and if you used the nickname Link, I'd think of the character from Zelda. I think it's a really nice name as far as surnames for firsts/president names go.

    Deacon - not really my style, but there's nothing wrong with it. It does sound very similar to Keegan.

    Lachlan - I would pronounce this Lock-lan, not Lack-lan. I don't know about everyone else...I wouldn't change the spelling.

    Camden - I live reasonably close to Camden, NJ, and know people from there...and I STILL don't think of the town when I hear the name. Unless you live in or very close to Camden, that's definitely not a reason to not use it, and I think few people will make the association.

    Cullen - I've never read or seen twilight, and I still think this is currently unusable because of it.

    Aidan, Caleb, Declan, Callum, Callan, Landon - I like all these names a lot, they go well with your other kids' names, and are all very classy, strong names, despite current popularity levels...why did you take them off your list?
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    Liam -- I adore this name and it goes well with your other kids' names

    Lincoln -- I like Lincoln and the nickname Link. But it does sound similar to Keegan.

    Deacon -- also sounds similar to Keegan, and I'm not a big fan of this name in general. What about Declan?

    Lachlan -- I really like this name, and I can't imagine anyone pronouncing it Lack-lan.

    Camden -- love this name and agree with pp that I would never have thought of Camden, NJ. It isn't like you're naming your kid Chicago or Paris!

    Cullen -- agree that Twilight has severely damaged this name.

    Oh ha! Now I see that Declan has been eliminated from your list. I really like it for you. I also like Caleb and Aidan. Good luck!
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    I love Liam too, but if popularity is an issue for you, I would go with Lachlan or Camden. Both are nice and sound well with sibs. Lachlan probably fits the best, but I do think Americans unfamiliar with the name might say Lack-lan.

    (Must add I also love Declan and Callan from your crossed off list! Did you consider Desmond or Fintan?)
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