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    a name for my new kitty!!

    So I just got my first cat yesterday. It's absolutely adorable! It's light grey and really fluffy with blue eyes. I'm a bit of a geek and an avid reader so I wanted to give her a kind of geeky/literary/different sort of name. I'm also a pianist so I thought maybe something musical. I can't make up my mind! I'm a HUGE fan of Sherlock and Supernatural, but names like Winchester, Castiel, Sherlock, or Watson don't really work for a female cat :( Anyway here's my list of favorite names so far. Please give me feedback on these or new suggestions!!

    Bronte, Marlowe, Emerson, Keats, Darcy, Eyre, Thisbe, Eowyn, Peregrine nn Pippin
    Everly, Lennon, Allegra, Echo
    Clover, Mavis, Clementine, Beatrice

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    I love Darcy, Clover, Clementie, and Beatrice! I think Beatrice is perfect for a cat, and you can call her Bea (prn Bee) for short. :P
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    Melanie Anne, Caroline Olivia, William Gregory, Benjamin Patrick

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    I agree that Beatrice is beyond cute for a little grey fluffball, as is Darcy.

    Other names:
    Singer (for Bobby Singer, and it's musical, though not instrumental I suppose)
    Harvelle (for Ellen and Jo Harvelle, nn Harvy, Elle, Vella, Arvi, Arva... etc.)
    Ash (another Supernatural one, also works because of her coloring, and he was a cool character)
    Cordelia Eilonwy Snow | Evadne Snow | Felicity Astra Wildrose | Gwenna Moon | Lorelei Ondine | Octavia Eowyn Sol
    Pandora Willow Isolde | Petra Leocadia Silver | Sunniva Adar Rhiannon | Thisbe Wildrose

    Caspian Wilder | Damian Sparrow | Evander Thorn | Everett Lyle Ward
    Ezra Balthasar | Gwydion Alaric Hart | Konrad Peregrine Llyr | Malachi Tristan Bjorn | Phineas Robin Blaise | Theodore Winter

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    My in-laws' cat had kittens a few months ago. One kitten was just as you described. I named her Lavender. She was my favorite.

    From your list I like Clover, Echo, and Allegra (it's very whimsical). =)

    Congrats on the new kitty!

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    I love Allegra for a cat or kitten!
    Mum to a dwarf hamster, Pashmina Aerica

    Permanent names loves- C, R, and T <3

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    Girls: Cosette, Violette, Sparrow, Sage, Eleonora nn Leonie, Perrine and Felicity
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