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    Matilda Catherine is lovely! Clarence is a family name for me so I like Clarence Luke too. Daniel Jude flows well. I don't really care for Clancy and it seems like the odd one on your list. Matilda, Daniel and Clarence would make a great trio of sibling names.
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    I love Matilda Cate, and I think Daniel Jude goes well with her.

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    LOVE Matilda and Clancy, but Daniel is just dated to my ears.
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    I like Matilda Catherine and Matilda Cate. I'd go with Catherine if you have a short surname and Cate if you have a long one. I like Daniel Jude but not Clarence or Clancy, which sound really old man to me.
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    Thanks for your replies

    Glad to see Matilda Catherine getting some love. Catherine is my choice but hubby doesn't like it as much.

    Thanks for opinions on Clarence. I was wondering if Clancy could stand alone but after reading comments I think Clarence is the way with Clancy as a nn. The names in my signature are names that I like but hubby doesn't like them. Samuel and Benjamin are both brothers so couldn't use them as first names either.

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