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    Lightbulb Thoughts on the name Crew?

    Several years ago, I saw a birth announcement card in someone's home for a baby boy (their great grandson) named Crew. At the time, I found it charming, but over the years, my love has grown and it is now my favorite, favoritest boy name.

    I love that it is quirky and charming, but not totally out-there, and easy to spell and pronounce. It brings to mind Northeastern preppiness: boating and Ivy League schools and Martha's Vineyard and good manners. Not terrible associations, IMO.

    It is also the ONLY name I like paired with my SOs first choice boy name, Isaac, which I otherwise cannot stand. But I love Crew Isaac, so go figure! Also hoping that if we ever have a boy, I'll be able to sway my SO with the middle name.

    Anyway, what do you Berries think of Crew?

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    I don't like it at all. It's too wordy for me. I don't think prep when I hear crew, I think a group of men on a ship.
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    I have the same associations with the name Crew that you do -New England preppiness. If that fits your family and lifestyle, the name works really well.

    I try to look at names from the perspective of the person who will be using them all their life. I can think of reason why a boy or man would dislike the name Crew. It would be unique but not weird, there is little teasing potential, and no distasteful nicknames.
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    Not my favorite word name, but I've heard worse. It has a nice enough sound.

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    I'm not a fan. Construction comes to mind when I hear it.

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