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    Jacqueline Renee, me...
    Stephen John, my brother, named after my dad, who was named after my grandfather... So he's a 3rd.
    I share my middle name with my mom and it's also part of my username on most sites. ^^

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    I'm Amanda Frances, and have two younger brothers Matthew Thomas and Steven Anthony. First names were all chosen because my parents liked them. Frances and Anthony are family names. We all like our names just fine. Matthew does go by Matt most times, though.

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    I'm Kathryn Sarah, Kathryn after a friend of my mum's when she was younger and my dad picked out Sarah as he liked that it meant "princess". I go by Kat, Kathy or Ryn most of the time. My brother is Matthew James just because they liked the names. He goes by Matt most off the time. all my family have seven letters in their first name and five letters in their middle names.
    Married to a wonderful man & pregnant with our first child

    Lilith - Vesper - Willow - Lark - Viola - Rosalie - Meredith - Layla - Amy - Phoebe - Bethany
    Zachary - Ash - Frost - Axel - Marshall - Raphael - Malachi - Rowan - Harvey - Monroe - Griffin - Briar

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    I'm Rachel Marie and my brother is Justin Clark. I have the same middle name as my mama and he's named after Clark Gable.

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    C@rmen E1izabeth
    First name pays tribute to one of my Mum's closest friends and my Godmother Carmel (though officially that was her middle name)
    Second name is the first name of my paternal Grandmother and Aunt (though Grandma is 'Betty' and my Aunt had always gone by her middle name).

    Benedic7 J@mes
    First name again in tribute to a family friend and his Godfather who goes by Benjamin (his surname)
    James for my maternal Grandpa, in the navy if your last name was Green they called you Jimmy ;-) hence James... Ronald wasn't very popular in the late 1980s and besides noone ever called him that.

    My brother goes by Ben but I call him Benny.

    In the maternal line three ladies preceeding me were all Leli@ Ros@lind! But my mum felt I should have my own name.

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