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    Hogwarts, United Kingdom

    Who are you and your siblings? What sib-set are you a part of?

    For me there is just my brother and I: Jessica (Me) and Daniel, no middle names.

    Daniel was named so with inspiration from the Biblical character that was thrown to the lions. Our mum took the strength from the story as her reasoning to use the name. I was simply named because she 'liked it', in words. Both me and my brother prefer our names used in full rather than nicknames like Jess and Dan.

    What about you? And what do you think about the names that you and your brothers and sisters were gifted? Do you know what inspired your name?
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    I'm one of 3 sisters: Angela Nicole, Amy Noelle, and Alyssa Marie (me). My parents just liked the names. Amy Noelle was born close to Christmas.
    I also have a younger half brother named Destry Jr. (no middle name). He was named after my father (obviously) and goes by D.J. I go by both Alyssa and Ally. Angela goes by Angela to everyone except our family (we call her Ang or Ham).

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    Me Anna Michelle, Katherine Loren, Matthew Allan + mums maiden, Connor Scott & Erin Nicole (we live in NZ)

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    My name is Vassiliki! I have two younger brothers named Chris and George. No middle names, in my country it's a tradition the kids to take their grandparents names, so I have my grandmas name. I hate that tradition so I get called Bellerose.

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    My older sister is Melinda "Lindy" Dorothy Joan, my older brother's are Troy Phillip and Dale Robert and I am Lila Harrison.
    It's important to note that we were born in completely different time periods, my sister 1961, my brothers 1964 and me in 1985. Our "sibset" doesn't fit perfectly, but it really didn't need to!
    Mama to Bugsy William, Jem Richmond and Tallulah Dorothy.

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