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    My older brother is Alexander (Alex), my younger brother is Benjamin (Ben), and I am Morgan. I feel like I'm kind of the odd one out, but it works since I am the only girl!

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    David Vincent
    Sharon Kaye
    Christina Lynn "Chrissy"

    Middle names are family names
    Top 20
    Rafferty~Leo(Leander)~Tobin~Archie(Archer)~Ike(Mic ah)

    Willa(Wilhelmina)~Selah~Lettie(Arletta)~Romy(Rosem ary)~Cora(Coretta)
    Cecelia/Celia~Calla(Calista)~Nola(Magnolia)~Winnie(Winola) ~Maeve
    Rosalie~Maisy~Tilly(Matilda)~Ada(Adelaide)~Junie(J uniper)

    formerly chrbaker

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    My name is Ashley Michelle Ann and my brother's name is Connor Lee Scott

    I was named after Ashley from Gone With the Wind. My mother said that he encompassed all the characteristics she hoped I would have, namely, epic sass. I think it's safe to say she got her wish. Funny enough, I was almost named Summer or Autumn, but she changed her mind because they were "too popular." According to her, she had no idea Ashley was a common name at the time. I don't mind at all though. Michelle is after my dad, Mitchell, and Ann is a long-standing family name.

    As far as I know, my brother's name was just one of those "we like this name so we're going to use it" situations. He was going to be named Mason for months, but they changed their mind at the last minute. Lee is after his maternal grandfather and Scott is after our dad, whose middle name is also Scott.

    I think our names sound nice together, and, regardless of their popularity, I love them.

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    Im Bailie. My older sister is Siobhan Kathleen, my little brothers are Declan Emmet and Cormac Daniel.

    We don't have nicknames from our name really. Occansionaly Bai, D, etc.
    I like that we all have really strong names. Our last name is ridiculously Irish (O'....) so it works well I think!

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    Emily Kate (me) and Felicity Jean.

    We are both children of the 80s but luckily our folks went with old fashioned names. Our middles are both family names.
    Growing up, I never met many Emily's.. It's obviously become a lot more popular since then!! I love my sisters name.. Rare, pretty and lots of cute nicknames

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