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    I have 5 siblings, Benjamin James, DanniLynn Alexis (me), Danielle Alexa (twin), Noah Parker, Madeline Luna and Judah Alexander. All of our names have special meaning to our parents and I like all our names.

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    I'm the oldest of 5
    Rachel, Caleb, Micah, Sarah and Lydia

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    I'm the eldest of 7, 2 of my brothers died in infancy due to complications from being premature. I normally just say I'm the eldest of 5 to avoid having to explain that but I though I would include their names in our sibset because they will always be a part of our family

    Jasmine Cate {Me} Matthew & Scott {Twins}, Kristen, Dale, Aimee and Gavin

    My siblings have middle names but I decided not to share them on here just in case they wouldn't want me to.
    The 3 Princesses in my life...

    Elizabeth Hope
    Annabelle Cadence
    Madeleine Pearl

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    I am Hollyann Beth. I was named for a song my dad loved by the band Boston and given Beth as a mn so I could share his initials and his father's and grandfathers (they are all Harry Benjamin M).

    One younger sister is Marissa Jayne. Marissa because they liked it, Jayne because my dad is called Jay.

    Other younger sister was adopted and is Alisha (ah-li-sha) Nicole. Her bio mom liked Alisha from a soap opera. Nicole is for an older sister that her father had to give up custody of.

    My older brother is Shon Michael. We only found out about him when I was a teen, so not sure why his mum choose it.

    If I had been a boy I would have been Thomas Jay after a great grandfather and my dad. Marissa would have been Benjamin Harry.
    Marilyn Margaret Lucille
    Seraphine Lorelai Danielle

    Shane Benjamin Lee
    Sebastian Roger James

    Mommy to David Theodore John "Teddy" ~ June 2016

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    Los Angeles
    Tawny Summer (me, the eldest)
    Candice Mikal (middle)
    Farrin Lenore (youngest)

    Yeah...I can't make much sense of it either...though of course, we are Californian
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