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    I'm Jessie May and I have seven younger siblings: two full sisters, three step-sisters, one step-brother and a half-brother. In order of age their names are Tallulah Rose "Lulu" (18), Ruby Queen (17), Olive Frances (14), Scarlett Grace (13), Sylvan Kel (11), Imogen Plum "Imoo" (9) and Aloysius Edward "Wishy" (14 months).

    Lulu was originally named Tully (as was I!) but my parents switched to Tallulah a couple of weeks in (not too sure why). As far as I know, none of our names are in honour of anyone but were chosen simply because they were loved by both parents. Actually, I take that back, Wish's middle name is in remembrance of my stepmum's father, and Sylvan's middle name was I think chosen because he was born by a river (one of the meanings for Kel is "river man").

    I always love to question my parents and step-parents what our names would've been if we had've been the opposite sex or just didn't suit our name.
    If I was a boy I would've been Callahan (or possibly Griffin or Jesse, and Indiana was a strong contender for a girls' name). My mum says she can't remember what Lulu would've been if she was a boy, but as I was a girl I'm guessing they would've then used Callahan on her. Scarlett was definitely going to be Jethro if she was a boy. My stepmum tells me Ruby would've been Boris, Olive would've been Basil, and Imoo would've been Banjo, ha! Not sure about Sylvan, but if Wish had've been born a girl he would be Luna Phoenix (swoon!). Other names on the list for him were Shepard, Juniper Blossom, Sunshine, Romeo, Clementine, Pepper, Rufus, BamBam (seriously)... but I think they picked the right one in the end
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    I'm Kelsey Alanna and my sister is Kennedy Marena.

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    There's six of us as well!

    Jayne Lynne -stepsister
    Amanda Nicole "Mandi" -full sister
    Louis Christopher "Louie"- full and only brother
    Alyssa Danielle -me!
    Joanna Marie- full sister
    Macayla Morgan -half sister

    that's our order, ranging from 35-ish to 14. I think my step-sister was supposed to be Oscar, after her father and grandfather, or maybe Dennis. I wish I could remember...her father was just talking about what she would've been a while ago! Anyhow, her mom changed the birth certificate to Jayne. Mandi, I think my mom just liked it.. Louie is a junior. I was after Alyssa Milano. Joanna, my mom heard it on another girl and used it. Macayla my mom liked and spelled it so that her father could remember how to pronounce it. Middles names are pretty much filler names in our family. There's a bunch of Nicole's and Marie's. That's pretty much the short version of our names! I like all of my siblings names together, well except my step-sister, who is so much older and estranged from the family we don't see her at all. I love how us girls' names have an A at the end, and Mandi and Louie sound cute together as well!
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    I am Sh@wn Kr1stin and my siblings are J3sse D@niel, Just1n Thom@s and Summ3r N@omi. J3sse and I would have been given the same first name regardless of our gender, though the younger two were surprises so that was not the case for them. I was named after some Miss America person that my dad thought had the most beautiful name in the world. I always hated my name and felt really terrible for hating it...I just don't think they realized that it's usually a boys' name because the person they got it from was a girl. J3sse's middle name is after my uncle, my dad's only sibling, who died when I was three due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. While he was in the hospital, my Grandma prayed that if God was going to take her Daniel he needed to send her another one...and right after my uncle passed my mom found out she was pregnant. We all knew it was a boy and his name would be Daniel. My sister goes by her middle name because it's my mom's favorite girl name ever, but they gave her an S first name because the boys are both Js and I was an S. They let me choose between Sarah and Summer, and being the name-nerd that I am, I went with the less common Summer The only story I don't really know is Just1n's name! I'll have to ask mom about that.
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    Laura Beth (named after Little Women characters)
    Hannah Ruth (Hannah because mom liked it, Ruth after our grandmother)
    Mattie Grace (after great-grandmothers)

    If any of us had been boys we would have been Miles David after our great-grandfather

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