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    I'm Sarah Alicia, and my sister is Jocelyn (Joc (pronounced Joss), Jocie) Alexandra. Alicia was my paternal grandmother's name and my parents just like all the other names. My first name is really traditional and my sister's isn't although it is gaining popularity, but I think it goes well together. People are always talking about a theme or names that go together, but ours don't neccesarily go together and I love our names together

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    I'm one of seven (five older half siblings, one younger full sibling) - Anthony Osgood, David Essex, Paul Anthony (not sure about middle name), Hayley Jane, Valerie Ann Emily, Mary Noreen (me) and Max Anthony. Anthony's my dad's name so pretty everyone is named after him. Osgood is after a football player (a very good one). David Essex after the singer; I have no clue where Paul came from. Hayley is after Hayley Mills, Valerie was an aunt who died very young. Mary Noreen are both of my maternal grandmother's middle names, and Max was just a named my mum liked. Basically a complete and utter mix, but they're not too out of place with each other.


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    I'm the youngest of three! I am Erin Melissa and my sister Allison Marie. My brother is Thomas Troy "Troy" III. I was named Erin Melissa because my grandfather's name was Aaron and they thought I was boy until surprise, I was a girl; my middle name is Melissa because my mom wanted a way to honor my grandmother Elisabeth without making me Erin Elisabeth, so they picked Melissa and worked really well with maiden name. Not so much my married name. My sister was named Allison Marie because my parents really adored the name Allison and like most of my family, they picked Marie because it honored my great grandmother. Troy's name was pretty simple, he was born and my dad wanted his son to be named after him thus my big brother Troy was named
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    I'm Margaret Cynthia, named after both my grandmothers, but my family mostly calls me Meg after the character in "Little Women", one of Mom's favorite books growing up. My little sister also has a LW-inspired name, Laura, after Theodore "Laurie" Laurence. Her middle name is Ann, which she shares with Mom.
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    We are 6! Kirstin Renee, Lois Michelle (me), Keith Aaron, Danielle Irene (usually Dani), Kurt Michael, Stefanie Anne (usually Steffi). We were born mid-80s to early 90s.

    Kirstin was a German cousin (but picked more for the name than the connection, I think!); Lois is my paternal aunt whose bday is the day before my and was/is, I think, my Dad's favorite sister; Danielle Irene is my parent's tribute to each other as they are Daniel and Irene (!); Stefanie, Steffi, and Kurt are spelled the German way as both sides are German.. All the rest of the names were just random names liked for the sound, I think.

    Personally, I think my parents did okay with their big task of naming 6 kids! None of us hates our name, we all still go by them. The 3 Ks get a little confusing sometimes, especially the 2 boys being so similar, Keith and Kurt. (My mom would slip up and say weird combos like "kurth!") But, generally, I think they all don't majorly clash and yet aren't matchy matchy.
    They're all fairly familiar names but none super trendy for the time, in the Amanda, Brittany, Ashley, Micheal, Joshua vein.
    One low point is that many of us have 2-2-2 syllables with our last name. (Though I got out of that with my married name.)

    Personally, Danielle Irene is my fav, as I like the gender-switch name tribute more than if we had a brother Daniel, and I just love Irene as a middle...we will likely use it as the middle for our first girl, too.

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