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    I'm Jessica and my sisters are Corrine and Kaylee and I have a brother Beau. Jessica and Corrine were two names that my parents liked at the time, Kaylee is a mash up of my two grandmas' names, and Beau is after Bo Jackson.
    D.S. lil Bam Bam

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    Molly,Maggie, Elizabeth who prefers to be called Lizzie and Liam. Each name was chosen because it was well liked. My sister and I chose Lizzie's name over Grace-thank God as she is nothing near graceful- and Liam was the boys name my mom considered for my sisters and I had any of us been boys.
    All of our middles are my mom's maiden name.
    Dylan Reese Kieran Lennox Owen
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    I'm Rachel Sharon and my brother is Devin Antony. My brother's name was chosen because my mom didn't want him to be named after a family member (as she was a Laura jr.) and she read somewhere that Devin meant "son of David" which is my dad's name. So that was her compromise. Strangely enough, even though I was the one who didn't like my name growing up, my brother was the one who actually changed his. He is now known to everyone (except my mom and I) as Malcolm.

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    I'm one of three girls, Eilish Mary (1995), Kerry Marion (1996) and Caitlin Anne (1998).
    Eilish was chosen because my parents couldn't think of a name so decided to name her after the midwife who is now a family friend. Mary was my mother's mum who died when my mother was fifteen from cancer.
    Kerry was chosen because she was darker in skin colour than Eilish. This is because my my father is quite a dark Caucasian but not of Indian (or anything like that) descent. So they looked for a name that meant dark or dark-skinned and found Kerry which they both liked. Marion is my father's sister.
    My name, Caitlin was chosen after the Scottish swimmer Caitlin McClatchey which is were my parents first saw the name. Anne is after my mother, who is Morag-Anne. Her Anne is after an elderly family friend.

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