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    Apr 2013
    I always grew up wanting 4.... In reality now that we have our beautiful daughter probably just one more a total of 2!

    Aurelia Grace

    + girl
    Verity Faith

    + boy
    Caius (still working on middle names?.... Thinking Zane for a variant of hubby's 1st name)

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    May 2013
    We want four kids, ideally two boys and two girls.

    DS Silas + Elliana, Annabella & Liam

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    Apr 2012
    Three always seems to sound the best for some reason, but I'd be happy with two. Ideally I would have all girls, haha. So:

    Cordelia Juliet Eve
    Penelope Rose Nicole
    Eloise Maren Odette

    If any boys come into the picture (middle names uncertain)
    - Not Expecting, Just Collecting -
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    I would love to have six kids, but that might change, since I don't have any right now!

    Elisabeth Kate "Elise"
    Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie" or "Cassia"
    Charlotte Lorraine "Charlie"
    Rosalie Nicole
    Catalina Lucy "Cate"
    Mackinley Alice "Kinzie"

    Adam Carson
    Camden Bennett
    Aidan Maddox
    William Anthony "Will" or "Liam"
    Alexander Mason "Xander"
    Everett Cole

    six of each gender, since of course I don't know what genders will be!
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    We have Maximus Alexander now. I think we've both agreed to 3 but it'd depend on what we can afford. Maybe 2, maybe 4. My problem is that I have way too many options for a girl that I can't narrow down, and I can't find anything I like for a boy.

    Esme Sophina - Hubby's fave, middle honors his sister and father. First name was my pick.
    Lavinia Aveline - I fell for this recently but Hubby doesn't really like it.
    Amelie Vivienne - Honors my grandma
    Ivy Clementine - Haven't been ran past hubby yet.
    Daphne Seraphina - Ditto
    Evanna Genevieve - Ditto

    Dante Vincent - the only name we can both agree on for a boy right now.
    Theodore ? - Hubby likes Theo but not sold. Middle name undecided, either Constantine or Achilles or Evander
    Leonidas - Hubby likes but I think it's too much with Maximus (and a potential Theo)

    That's all we got. What I'm envisioning is 2 boys and 1 girl. Maximus, then Dante Vincent, then Esme Sophina. But who knows what'll happen!

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