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    Apr 2013
    I would love five! Prefereably two girls and three boys:

    Imogen Rose
    Zachary Michael
    Alexander James
    Thomas Matthew
    Penny/Penelope Lynn

    Back-up names:

    Married to a wonderful man & pregnant with our first child

    Lilith - Vesper - Willow - Lark - Viola - Rosalie - Meredith - Layla - Amy - Phoebe - Bethany - Eliora
    Zachary - Ash - Frost - Axel - Marshall - Raphael - Malachi - Rowan - Harvey - Monroe - Griffin - Briar

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    May 2012
    I want three my SO wants one (maybe two). So now I'm hoping I'll just have twins the second pregnancy - once we are there. hihihi.
    Of course this does not take his classic/common taste into consideration.

    Today I'm thinking these combos:
    Alaric Julian
    Vincent Felix
    Tristan Erich (Got to get that c in somewhere right?)
    (I'm clearly watching too much CW while cleaning my house. But bad TV motivates the cleaning).

    Lorelei Aurelia
    Illyria Helene
    Merida Coralie
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    i want six because it just seems right for me. i grew up with five siblings and yeah i love love love the dynamic we have. recreating that with my own family would be so fantastic.

    julian atlas (jude)
    felix lysander
    ivy juniper
    alice ophelia
    margo delphine
    caspian arlo

    jude, felix, ivy, alice, margo, and cass

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    sapphires Guest
    Just two, a boy and a girl. My names keep changing, but right now I'd go with:

    B: Elias Hugo
    G: Cosima Beatrice

    A third child would {probably not} be called Elodie Viviana or Roman Alexei.

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    If I lived in a perfect world I would have 8, realistically I want 4 if we can afford it. But I'll give you my ideal!

    Benjamin Elliot
    Charles Alexander
    Simon Oliver

    Rose Athena
    Iris Vivienne
    May Violet
    Hazel Bliss
    Eve Dahlia
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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