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    I prefer Madeline, Cecily, & Caroline

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    Michaela - I like this name, only in this spelling. Better, fresher feminisation than Michelle, but the Mikayla etc spellings are vastly more popular, so it's likely she'll get it misspelled quite a bit, unless she says "like Michael with an a"
    Madeline - Love, prefer Madeleine but it's pretty either way, a gorgeous name.
    Cecily - Never been keen on this, I just hear 'sissy-ly', sorry.
    Bridget - Solid, not my style really but not a bad name.
    Rebecca - I really like this too but knew so many in school, most went by Becky or Becca so if you go with it make sure you like the nicknames.
    Morgan - I prefer this on a boy, and prefer Megan on a girl.
    Evelyn - Like in the eve-lyn prn only, but do prefer Eve and Eva
    Caroline - Like this too, would probably only use in the middle personnaly though as it's a bit dated in the UK still.
    Juliet - Never been keen on this, I find Juli- names dated.
    Kiera - Like but prefer Ciara spelling.

    Faves are Michaela, Madeline, Rebecca and Kiera.

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    In this order: Caroline, Juliet, Rebecca, Bridget, Kiera are my top five.
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    My favorites: Cecily, Caroline, Evelyn, Madeline, Kiera
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    In order of preference: Bridget, Rebecca, Madeline

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