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    I love Lillian, like Liliana and dislike Lilia.

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    Lillian and Lila are my favorites! They both are beautiful - if you love Lila, I would use it, even though your family member has used it. Do you see her often?

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    I love Lillian--it is such a beautiful classic. Some may find it old-fashioned, but it's pretty high on the popularity charts in the U.S. these days, so I doubt a Lillian's peers will see it as an old lady name. Liliana is beautiful if you're looking for something that feels a bit more frilly and exotic. I also like that it offers a way for you to honor two relatives. While we name lovers can come up with dozens of lovely pairings, we'll only get the chance to use a few for our children, so I think it's great when you can find a few names packed with personal meaning and create pairings with those. Since Grace is becoming a "filler" middle, Liliana ___ might offer you a chance for a more unique pairing than would ___ Grace. (Though Grace does make a great mn for so many fns and it's chosen again and again for a reason.) Lilia is so short that it hardly seems to require a nn like Lily (but then again, I'm a sucker for strong, old-fashioned names that offer sweet, user-friendly nns). I knew that Isabelle shared ties with Elizabeth, but I had no idea that Lillian did. I'd probably avoid using any of those names together. Most people won't make the connection between the names, but if you know they share ties and you're not trying to give your daughters those names to tie them together, I'd just pick my favorite of the three and use that one.

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    @kyemsma - erm, like, never, haha. Lyla's mom is like... my dad's cousin's daughter. I don't even know what that makes her to me, lol. We only ever see each other at the family reunion every summer, but honestly, I've only recently graduated college (okay, it was a year and a half ago, so it feels like an eternity to me, but the people who are interviewing me keep saying it's recent!), and once I find a position, I'll probably be moving away from home, and I have no clue if I'll ever go to one of those reunions again. It's only one day out of the whole year and if I live out of state, Christmas or Thanksgiving or meeting up for a family vacation somewhere else is likely to be much more important to me than to go home for one day in July... but still, it feels like "her" name to me and Lila lost a lot of its appeal to me when she used it. I just find myself more attracted to Lily names now.

    @jroflo - this is true. But I do two MNs, and I'm pretty stinkin' in love with Isabelle Aurora Grace.

    I don't know, I've loved Lillian for years (long before Liliana made it to my list), but it started out as only a MN. I've loved Liliana as an option for a daughter much longer, so a part of me wonders if Liliana is really the only true love. But these days it seems like Liliana is more blah than it is pretty and a true love. But I do adore the idea of Lillian with a lot of my favorites. It's just poor Isabelle that I have my dilemma with. :/
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    Lilia is my least favorite of the three. I love Liliana, and especially love that you would be able to honor multiple family members with this name. Plus it provides more nickname options, which I like. But Lillian. I love, love, love Lillian. As you and others have said, so classic and timeless. You can't go wrong!
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