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    Lillian for me as well. Maybe some name nerds will know their etymologies, but Isabelle and Lillian seem plenty distinct phonetically and association-wise.
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    Lillian is clearly your favourite. I think it's sweet with Isabelle. Yes, they've got a lot of the same letters, but they sound very different. As for them deriving from the same name... which name does not have a link to Elizabeth?? An exaggeration, I know.

    Lillian (or Lilian?) is my favourite of the ones you mentioned as well. Liliana is very frilly. It's actually the one thing I think is funny about your signature, the other names are no-nonsense names, beautiful, but they sound like they can wield an axe if you know what I mean. And Lillian's got literary ties to Ayn Rand's fantastic Atlas Shrugged, as well as The Chimes by Dickens (if I remember my Dickens correctly, if not, off with her head!) I also like just plain Lily/Lili/Lillie, Lilou or Lylie!
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    I see you like Lilian best, why would you torn?
    Personally, I love Lilia because it's close to my culture(lee-lee-uh is how I pronounce it) and has some great associations to me but advice to use the name you love. Isabelle and Lilian sound adorable together.
    I know a Liliana and she is such a cute pie but I don't adore her name. It's quite pretty but a bit frilly, is it what you are looking for? If yes, it's a great choice.
    Lily is too overexposed for my taste but I like Lila/Lilac. Have you considerEd it?
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    @ottilie - haha, yes, you're right! Right now Lillian is by far my favorite, but it often goes in waves--sometimes I vastly prefer Liliana, or even Lilia. Sometimes I do find Lillian quite boring and not feminine or pretty at all. But right now I honestly adore it, and saying Lillian is so much fun! I think I'd be tempted to use the full Lillian and not even bother with Lily.

    @mclevine - lol, because I have OCD and I've got it bad! It honestly really bothers me, the idea of using more than one form of the same name. Like, couldn't I be more original? It seems like a waste of all those perfectly good names out there to reuse the same name. Sometimes I like frilly, which is why I fell for Liliana in the first place--I love how it exudes femininity. I don't know, I know a lot of my other favorites are as @ottilie said--feminine and beautiful, but still quite no-nonsense and definitely not frilly. I think part of me loves the idea of a frilly name because I have felt that my unisex one has held back my femininity, but at the same time, I wonder if a daughter of mine could really pull off frilly--which is why I think these feminine-but-not-frilly names have appealed to me in the past. Still, I love the occasional frilly--I think I just usually stick it in the MN spot.

    As for Lilac and Lila--Lilac almost seems too GPish for me, I can't really see me using it, and I adore Lila. I'd considered it years ago, and it was on my top 10, but then a family member used it (Lyla). Unknowingly, this family member has taken four names from my personal list (Lila, Grace, Jack, and Grayson!) for her two kids, and since Grace, Jack, and Grayson are all very important family names to me that I refuse to budge on, I feel like I should at least let her have Lila all to herself.
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    For me, Lillian wins, hands down.. classic, feminine, with a splash of vintage... I was just thinking about this name yesterday It really is a stunner.
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