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Thread: Arlo vs Ewan

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    Arlo vs Ewan

    Toss up between Arlo and Ewan... Sibling of Kael.
    What do you think is better?

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    Ewan, by far. I think it not only fits better with Kael, but also sounds a lot less old manish. Plus, Ewan conjures images of sexy, strong men...
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    Ewan, is much, much better than Arlo. Arlo seems so trendy and hipster to me, and I can't seem to get over how it sounds. Ewan is great.
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    I love the name Arlo! It's on my short list. Ewan is okay, not one of my favorites; I don't like the "ew" sound at the beginning.

    And, btw, calling something "trendy" and "hipster" is a contradiction in terms. Something that is trendy cannot hipster because hipsters are all about staying away from anything mainstream.
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    I am
    Having such an impossible time deciding! I love that Ewan (yoo-in) is Gaelic like my current son Kael. I also love that Ewan is very rare here in the US but so is Arlo.
    The middle name would be Theodore...
    Kael Charles and Arlo Theodore
    Kael Charles and Ewan Theodore
    I love both of them equally! If only I were having twins!!

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