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    I think it's important to think about what was lacking or damaged in the treatment that you received growing up. I think that it seems like you want to parent your child with awareness and that says a lot about how great your future relationship will probably be!

    I have a daughter, but she's just over 1 so it's pretty easy now! I am very aware of being consistent with my expectations of her behavior. I think it's important not to make the rules change with Mom's mood. I think boundaries and rules are important.

    I also think that it's important to talk about people as if they were your daughter...whether people in your life or people on I try not to judge anyone's clothes, body, sex life, life choices, ect...I try not to criticize or complain about things that don't matter very much. I feel like you can tell your daughter how beautiful she is every day, but if you talk about how ugly so-and-so looked the other day they will feel they live in a world of judgment & cruelty. (replace beauty in this scenario with intelligence or talent or anything) This breeds insecurity.

    Don't try to be best friends. The friendship part will happen later.

    Don't underestimate her abilities, don't hold on too tightly. Do watch closely. Teenagers say so much without words. Look to how she carries herself, what she is passionate about & interested in, this could speak volumes.

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