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    Creating and having a positive mother/daughter relationship.

    This topic is definitely several years ahead than expected, but such is how my mind works.

    I've been wondering for a long time now how mothers and daughters seem to have such a close, open, positive relationship. I have friends who open up to their mothers about things I'd never even dream of doing with mine.
    My mother and I unfortunately have a very poor relationship, and so does my mother with her own. It seems to be a pattern in our family. Naturally this has led me and my preemptive mind to worry about it happening with me and my daughter someday, as well as wonder how to prevent it.

    I naturally love children, and I'm quite patient with them, so it's not as if it's hard for me to interact with children. However, I think i'm more clueless on how to build a positive relationship with a future daughter.
    I have no sisters, only brothers, so I don't have the female sibling history to help me and I'm not worried about a mother-son relationship as much.

    Ideally, I want my future daughters to approach me with issues like heartbreak, crushes, health issues, beauty tips, social interactions, long-term life choices whatever else teenage girls need advice, input or even just venting sessions on.
    I never went to my mother on majority of these things, so that's the general outcome I'd like to reach. Any advice?

    Children aren't in the forecast for another 6 years, and I won't have a teenager for at least 20 or so years, but I'm a planner, and it's something that's been plaguing my mind for quite some time now. So I figured I might as well get some insight on it.

    Much appreciated.
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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