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    My mom and I have a positive relationship. I always to this day tell her everything. One thing that makes us so close is that not once did she ever judge me for making bad decisions. She stated her opinion on the situation and backed it up with mistakes she made or witnessed. My mom is honest with me. I also think a lot of our relationship has to due to the fact that I'm an only child. She had plenty of time to be with me growing up and now my mom is one of my best friends. I think as long as you take the time to be there and are non-judgmental you will have a great relationship with your child.
    Theodore Arthur

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    @taz - my mom has always had a habit of talking negatively about others, although it's been mainly my father, stepfather, and people such as her coworkers and employers, etc...she does make comments about the rest of the family, but not nearly as bad. At some point during my growing up (I guess around 17 or 18), it stopped reflecting at all on other people, and started reflecting on HER. We have a good but not great relationship, and I can guaranteed I'd respect her a whole lot more if she didn't talk badly about others the way she did.
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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