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    @blade: thank you so much, I needed to hear that reassurance. It's just bugging me so much because I've had nearly 10 years of perfectly normal Paps - now I finally get pregnant, and have SO much to worry about already, and the Pap comes back abnormal TOO?? Come on! But I'm feeling better about it.

    @mjc7709: always nice to hear from someone who went thru something similar, thank you for sharing! I will definitely do my best to stand my ground with what I'm comfortable with and what I'm not. She can do the vinegar thing (see Blade's earlier post) and look all she wants, but I don't want to risk another pelvic infection like I got with the last biopsy. So unless it's something that's endangering my life immediately - or the babys - a biopsy can wait. It's just another annoying thing to add to my already-too-long list of worries! But that's life, I know! Thanks again

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