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    Lordy, lordy, another issue.

    Hey all,

    So I keep hoping and praying for everything to just GO. SMOOTHLY. this pregnancy (since the last one went horribly and ended at 10 weeks and pretty much nothing went right from the start of it)... but instead little bumps and pot-holes keep popping up. First, it was the spotting (which is still continuing btw, never stopped, but light and always brown), then my progesterone dipped a little. Now today I finally got the results of the pap they did back at my last visit, Apr.29th ish, and nurse called saying my cervical cells are showing as abnormal. This is not brand new for me - I had the same thing happen back in 2003. Was told HPV was the cause, had a colposcopy (which became it's own nightmare because I developed a raging, month-long pelvic infection from the colp - UGH). The cells were the low-grade, watch and wait version of trouble. But anyway, I continued on and after about a year, was told everything had gone back to normal. That's what I heard from every pap since.

    Until I moved out here to Vegas and switched to a new doc. She did the first pap on me about 8-9 months ago and those came back abnormal too - but she didn't even recommend a colposcopy at the time. Said it wasn't a big deal, let's just wait. But now that she got these results, the nurse said today that when I go back for my next u.s. on May 29th, they're going to want to do another colp. Needless to say, I am scared to death after how horribly wrong the last one went (and yes, it hurt). Plus, how can it be safe to snip out a piece of my cervix when there's a baby in there??

    Anyway, as always I'm just looking for any support or reassurance. Anyone else have experience with abnormal cells during a pregnancy? How did your doctor treat/proceed with it? If you have an absolute horror story, I'll go ahead and say right now I am so very sorry for whatever you went through but please don't share right this minute, my mental health can't handle it right now. Thank you!!!! <<hugs>>

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    I got a pap showing abnormal cells when I went for my first pregnancy. My doctors said they wouldn't do anything about it while I was pregnant, but to get it taken care of when I come in for my 6 week PP checkup.

    Ask your doctor why it's important that this is done now, and why can't it wait until after you deliver? Especially if this has been an issue for a long time, I don't understand why the doctors want to start doing procedures now, early in a pregnancy?

    Personally, I'd refuse the colposcopy until I was no longer pregnant, unless the doctor had a really,really convincing argument of why it needs to be done now. What happens if you get another pelvic infection from this one? (which may be even more likely with an immune system compromised by pregnancy). Or get a second opinion, at least.
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    I would definitely recommend talking to your doctor and getting a second opinion if necessary. I'm so sorry you have more worries to deal with. I hope everything works out soon!
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    I don't really have any advice, I just want to say I hope everything goes well for you! I agree with leadmythoughts - Be absolutely sure before having another colposcopy and maybe get a second opinion if you're not sure. Good luck.
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    I have had abnormal PAP's, but not during pregnancy. I'd suggest really boosting up your antioxidants and keeping your immune system supported right now. That's one of the best things to do until your MD figures out your next step. I can't imagine that your doc will want to do anything to compromise your cervical tissue right now.
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