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    I had a colposcopy a few months back and they asked me a bunch of times if there was any possibility whatsoever that i could be pregnant, because if i was, there weren't going to do the procedure. Since i wasn't on birth control, they even went through dates ofwhen my last period was and when i last had sex. So, i'm really surprised that they'd want to do it when you're early in pregnancy. Yes, definitely ask why it has to be done before you deliver, and why it wasn't a big deal months ago when you first got an abnormal result. And, yeah, what would happen if you got an infection when pregnant?

    Oh gosh, i'm so sorry you're having to go through this stress, but don't panic, just calmly think about what questions need to be asked and collect as much information as you need to feel comfortable. Best of luck and lots of hugs!
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    *HUGS* I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. Personally, I wouldn't let anyone near my cervix while pregnant, especially after having had miscarriages previously. I agree with whit32 and sarahmezz, get a second opinion.

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    It very, very much depends on what the pap report says. Do you know the exact pathological diagnosis? Treatment algorithms vary widely in their acuity depending what was seen.
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    Hey all,

    Thank you so much, this is pretty much exactly what I was hoping to hear. I can have a hard time standing up for myself against doctors and saying no when I don't want to do something that they do want to do - but since there's a baby involved, that might help this time. I am absolutely 100% uncomfortable with the thought of having my cervix disturbed in any way! I'm already scared to death for this baby, the last thing I want to do is mess with anything.

    @blade: unfortunately, the nurse gave me very little info when she called. No specifics at all. I'm thinking about calling back to ask instead of just waiting until the 29th. But I do have the pathology report from the last pap - but there's so much info I'm not sure which parts would be helpful to you? The Cytologic Interpretation says: Negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy. It also says negative for High Risk HPV Type 16 and Type 18.
    But yeah, I realize that there may have been changes and maybe that's why they're concerned.

    Thank you all again, I very much appreciate the support. You all are helping me and my stress level more than I can say during this tough period. Hugs to all of you! If I decide to call and get more info, I'll come back and post what they say.

    ETA: Just called them and asked them to mail me a copy of the Pap report. She said she'd send it out today so if she actually does, I'll have it on Friday. Fingers crossed!
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    I had an abnormal pap result at my first pregnancy appointment, I was around 8 weeks. They said not to worry about it and that they would do another pap after the baby was born. They did at my check up after the delivery and everything was normal. I also had a lingering yeast infection for the first time ever when I got pregnant, and the nurses kept saying "Pregnancy throws your body out of whack sometimes, don't worry." So, maybe they are right...

    My advice is: try to relax as much as you can and drink plenty of water. I always felt the best when I was fully hydrated.
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