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    My moms name was spelled Merri, which makes the task even more difficult!

    My husband loves Merri Avalon, but I would just feel strange using my moms name so directly. Amerie is adorable! I know Avalon Valentine is a lot of 'v', and possibly too cutesy for what I originally thought I liked in a name.

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    Maribel is great too!

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    Avalon Valentine does not flow perfectly, but both are nice names and I like that you are using a first name you love and honoring with the middle name!

    Some other ideas:
    Merris might be a great way to honor your mother!
    Also, if you are looking for other ways to honor her, have you thought about using her favorite flower, color, or a word name that represents something she loved?

    Might you and your husband like Waverly, Oakley, Ainsley, or Avonlea?
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Although Avalon Valentine won't win any awards for flow, it has a certain cadence that sounds girly girl and tomboy. You could always pronounce Valentine as Valen-teen for a less cutesy name. I think Amerie is gorgeous, as well. Avalon Amerie has an alliterative but grown up sound and great flow.
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    I really like Merri Avalon, but if you feel odd about using the name directly, Amerie Valentine or Maribel (Meribel?) Avalon would be beautiful names.

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