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Thread: Eva?

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    How do you guys feel about Eva? Do you think it is/will be popular? Is it pretty? What image does it conjure up for you? I dunno why...I'm just curious as to what you guys think...
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    I don't love it. I feel like it's sort of popular, but not too much. It certainly is pretty, but not as gorgeous as the simple, historic, strong and graceful Eve. Eva conjures up the image of Eva Longoria, but when I hear Eve I think of the Garden of Eden.
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    I don't know Eva's actual popularity rating, but it "feels" popular and on-trend right now to me. I know a young girl named Eva, pronounced Ehv-a. Ava is popular now, so that kind of adds to the feel of Eva being popular because they are so similar.
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    Eva feels very "been there, done that" to me. I have no fondness towards it, really. It's too short, too used, too common feeling. It has substance, but isn't good enough though.

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    I like Eva a lot, though I used to love it more. I love how multicultural Eva can be and works well in so many languages which is a major plus for me. I have met a couple of small Ava's but the only Eva's I have met are in their 60's or older so it does seem like it could be fresh again.

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