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    Hailie Rayne (Taylor.) - Yes or no?

    We have finally got an idea we both are willing to like and consider for our daughters name lol.
    Hailie Rayne - pron: ( HAY - LEE ) ( RAIN/RAYN )
    What do you guys think? Please don't be abusive. But opinions are welcome. Hailie or Rayne are not common here in the uk. Hailey spelt this way may be too many Y's in one name as her last name will be Taylor. Anyways.... ladies and gentleman... please let me know what you think I am only 8 weeks off my due date so having a sort of solid on the name would be so much more relaxing than panicking my daughter will be nameless lol xx

    Hailie - meaning - Of the Hay Meadow or hero ..

    Rayne - meaning - Mighty, Song, Counsel, Queen.

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    Honestly, I thought it was Hallie as in "hah-lee", Hailey is my favourite spelling, and I didn't even notice the three Y things.

    Hailey Rayne Taylor isn't bad, really. Also, with Rayne, I don't like that spelling. It's trendy, and it doesn't equal the "queen" meaning to me since the spelling of it should be Reine. If the spelling didn't matter, then Rain would also mean "Queen" but it doesn't.

    I think the name should be spelled Hailey Reine, or maybe Hayley Reine.

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    I love the sound of this combo but I'm not keen on how you are spelling it...I think spelling of a first name is really important because it gets written down and told to others so often, so any compensating for extra y's would be better done in the middle spot in my opinion. In other words, I think Hailey Raine Taylor would work better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by east93 View Post
    It's trendy, and it doesn't equal the "queen" meaning to me since the spelling of it should be Reine. If the spelling didn't matter, then Rain would also mean "Queen" but it doesn't.
    It does according to several sites because it is a form of that word and spelling, http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect..._of_Rayne.html such as this. I see your point but don't really wish it to resemble a rein of control over anyone. I like Rayne spelling more so because my brothers names are Ricky and Shane and combined this also would be Rayne. And i just think on a collective the different forms and meanings from different cultures and heritages is nice. It also has links to a place in scotland and alot of my partners family have scottish ties. So this is another sentimental innotation i like.

    I myself prefer the spelling Hailey - it is my partner whom is pushing for Hailie.

    Maybe I should push back for Hailey Rayne Taylor XD lol x

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    I also like the spelling of Hailey better, but I think it is a perfectly lovely name! And I love that you are honoring your brothers!
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