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    Madelyn vs Madeleine

    Love the name but back n forth on the spelling. Pronunciation would be mad-uh-lyn, so to avoid any mispronunciation, Madeline is out....I like Madeleine because of its original spelling, its so beautiful and classy. Madelyn, while it may be a little trendy, is still appealing and there would be absolutely no confusion on the pronunciation. YOUR PICKS!!! And please feel free to elaborate....THANKS EVERYONE!!

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    If you want the mad-uh-lyn pronunciation, then Madelyn is the most intuitive. It is very trendy feeling to me though. I don't see it aging well either.

    Madeline would've been a great compromise, but since it's out, I'd got with Madelyn. One of my big pet peeves was having my name constantly mispronounced, and being "corrected" on how to say it. SMH. Drove me mad.

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    Madelyn would be pronounced the way you like. Madeleine is supposed to be pronounced ma-dah-LEN, or mad-LEN when speaking fast.
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    Madeleine appears slightly classier in my opinion, if that matters to you.

    There are so many Madelyn/Madeleine/Madeline's running around, and I don't know of any of them that pronounce it "line" instead of "lynn." So, at least where I live, I think it would be pronounced "Lynn" regardless of how you spelled it.
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    Hmmm you make an interesting point. I don't know ANY Madelines so I don't have that reference point. OK, so assuming the way I want it pronounced and no restrictions on the spelling, which do like?

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