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Thread: Liesel

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    I've been a fan of the name ever since I first read it in a book as a middle schooler. I've hardly seen it mentioned since though.
    Besides the book and the Sound of Music character, I don't think I've encountered or heard of anyone, fictional or real, with it.

    What are your thoughts on the name?
    I'm personally a big fan of the meaning, and it has a slight artistic air to it. It seems to be a multi-faced name, in that it can be worn on any appearance or personality.
    I like that it's similar to names that I already like: Elisabeth, Elisa, Elise, Eloise.

    I think it would fit nicely into my SOs family since he's largely of German ancestry, and his mother's name is Elise.

    EDIT: Pronunciation, I've been saying it Lee-zill, is that correct? Or is it Lye-zill?
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    Be still my of my all time favorites. I love, love, love, it.

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    Liesel is a really beautiful name! It is mild and slightly quirky all at the same time. I love the lilting quality that it has and I would be so excited to meet someone named Liesel!
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    I think Liesel is adorable! It has a lovely sound and just exudes sweetness to me. My only issue is that I cannot picture it on an adult. I always see a little girl. For me it just doesn't age well I guess. I really have no reason for it other than the fact that I just can't picture it. I would love to met a Liesel though

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    Beautiful name. Not common but recognizable. There is an Australian swimmer with the name, but she spells it differently. I know a teenager with Lisel as a middle name.

    I like it.
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