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    Style dilemma.

    Me and my husbands favorite names are mostly very feminine and frilly. But we both
    Love two names that don't really fit in as well with the rest.

    Charlotte Magnolia
    Eloise Matilda
    Annabel Heather
    Violet Fiona
    Milena Ruby "Mila"

    Not so frilly:
    Delaney Caroline
    Piper Louisa

    Do you think that these two stick out too much ? If Delaney and Piper were mixed in a sib set with names like Charlotte and Eloise do you think it would be weird?
    Charlotte - Louise - Violet - Francesca - Annabel - Grace - Claire - Vera - Winter 💕

    Alice - Jane - Lily - Vivienne - Melrose 🎀

    Henry - Laine - Theo - Finn - Ezra ❤️

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