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    Pay-gan is not an appealing sound.
    I know a few people with the surname Pagan "pah-GAWN"

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    My respect for a name drops when it becomes something you could use as an insult in any way
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    I like the name on a girl. We considered it briefly and we're not pagans, but just liked the sound of it. We decided against it just because the child and us would have so much hassle from other people at the choice.
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    I like Pagan.. for a boy. Sound is nice. Look is nice. But because I consider myself to be pagan in my beliefs, it just seems like too much and I would not use it.
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    I like the name Pagan a lot, though it's not one I'd use, for no other reason than the fact that there are other names I prefer. Do people still use pagan as in insult? I wasn't aware. I'm an atheist myself, so perhaps I'm just blind to the Pagan vs Christian war? I didn't know it was still going on.

    Name wise, Pagan is pretty on trend. Word names, -an ending (Aidan, Hayden, Braydon), etc. Pagan also feels like a nature name to me, perhaps because my vision of Paganism is in tune with nature. No idea if that's correct, however. I imagine that like Christianity, Paganism has a lot of different denominations.
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