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    I've only ever met people named Elena who said el-en-uh, that's how I'd say it.

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    Elena is lovely! Honestly, when I've heard it spoken with any accent other than English, it's never Ellen-ah OR eh-LAY-nah, although if an American's saying it I much prefer eh-LAY-nah for the Elena spelling. I've been minorly crushing on how they say Elinor Dashwood's name on the BBC miniseries, though--I'm a bit minorly obsessed with Eleanor said like 'eh-leh-nah' but I think it'd be pretty futile in trying to enforce it here in America (and that's why they call it a GP!).

    With the Elena spelling, though, I definitely prefer eh-LAY-nah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lolo_dink View Post
    I agree that the proper *Spanish* pronunciation Is Ellen-ah, but you won't find many Americans who don't speak Spanish pronouncing it that way, IMO, and you'll always be fighting it.

    My dd is Elena and I don't have a problem with either pronunciation. The only thing that bothers me is when people pronounce it with a long E sound or an exaggerated "Uh" at the beginning rather than the lovely Eh that is proper.
    I don't live in America, so I'm hoping the pronunciation establishment would be easier, but due to the popular The Vampire Diaries show, it might still be a challenge. :/
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    I am in Canada and I also say ELLE-eh-na, similar to the Spanish pronunciation. I went to school with an Elena and that's how she said her name. I don't remember her having any hassles or being called uh-LAY-na.
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    Just to clarify... this is how you say Elena in Spanish. The stress is on the second syllable.

    Also wanted to say... it's a beautiful name no matter how you say it.

    EDIT: Click on the first "Elena" for the pronunciation I meant.
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