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    (In)Validating the Chinese Gender Predictor!

    The Chinese gender predictor calculates your astrological age and the sign of the month in which you conceived your baby in order to determine its gender. Or something like that. Anyway, I'm curious if it's better than random chance or not!

    Use either your current pregnancy (if you are far enough along to know the gender) or one randomly selected (your firstborn, your most recent, something) and test!

    I'll start: it was wrong for me. It told me my unambiguously male son was a girl. Current Baby Barnacle is predicted to be a boy but gender still unknown for that one.
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    It's right for me (so there's your 50-50 odds so far...)
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    It was right for Serenity, but wrong for Luther, for me. This next one is supposed to be a girl, so hopefully it is right!
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    Well, this is interesting. I took one while I was pregnant, and it sad it was a boy (which was wrong) and this one says girl (which is correct). That's odd, as it looks like a recipe. Oh well...

    Kitty, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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    I don't have children yet but, I did one using my mom's and it told me I was supposed to be a boy. I used a different chart because my mom's age and my duedate weren't on babycenter webpage. (Here)
    Theodore Arthur

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