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    hpw can i get rid of my hospital backache? I am desperate to go home. taking panadeine forte and gabba penton.HELP

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    Well, you just had open-chest surgery 5 days ago. It might well be referred pain from your incision, or it might be simple debilitation from lying in bed for 5 days. Depending how much narcotic you were on pre-op with the pleurisy, it might even be a slight physiologic withdrawal. Hug your little chest pillow and try to get out of bed as much as possible-- always ask your nurses and physical therapists (who should be seeing you) for assistance at first. Do laps around the ward. Walk to the gift shop. See how you go, and good luck.
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    Hey Rollo, I just read your threads. So sorry to hear you've had to have surgery, and that you've been in such pain. I'm glad you've emerged on the other side. You'll be home soon! Keep moving that spine lady! Sending good thoughts your way.

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    Hugs and kisses. Hope you feel better really soon.
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    Rollo, I hope this post finds you feeling better. Stay strong! (((hugs)))
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