View Poll Results: Cecelia vs. Cordelia (the final countdown lol)

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  • Cecelia Caroline Barnett

    37 53.62%
  • Cordelia Celeste Barnett

    32 46.38%
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    Cecelia is gorgeous!
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    I think both combinations are lovely!

    I chose Cordelia Celeste Barnett because it sounds best to me. I also adore that Cordelia's core is cor meaning heart. I find that the name has a lot of strength in history and literature. Celeste reminds me of the night sky. Nothing's more vast, lovely, and uncertain.

    I also find that Cecilia Caroline Barnett is very pretty.

    I plan in advance, as I seen you've done with the chosing of your possible next daughters name: Felicity Iris.

    Felicity Iris is beautiful. Felicity is really stunning and lithe and Iris is so very sweet.

    I'm concerned that:

    1. the initials spell FIB: Felicity Iris Barnett

    2. Cordelia Celeste and Cecilia Caroline are both alliterative. Will Felicity Iris feel left out?

    3. Is Felicity Iris rather short compared to Cordelia Celeste and Cecilia Caroline?

    Either way, best of luck and as many others have said, you can't go wrong either way!

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    How do you even vote on this one. I just can't commit to either one. I love both names. I am leaning toward Cordelia just slightly.

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    I don't like either name but on terms of flow i prefer Cordelia Celeste.
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    Gah. It's so difficult to choose lol. I asked on another answer site and everyone hated Cordelia said Cecelia sounded like a princess and Cordelia sounded like a mean old witch :0 I certainly don't feel that way. Lol. I don't feel the need to continue with the alteration for other kids. I have three other children and none of them have middle and first names that start with the same letter. Usually that doesn't sound great to me but in this case it allows me to use CeCe as a nick name for both names and the c sounds are different between first and middle.

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