View Poll Results: Cecelia vs. Cordelia (the final countdown lol)

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  • Cecelia Caroline Barnett

    37 53.62%
  • Cordelia Celeste Barnett

    32 46.38%
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    They are both beautiful combinations. You can't go wrong!

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    I voted for Cordelia. It's one of my favorite girl names right now! Cecelia is beautiful too; you really can't go wrong with either one. I say wait until she's born and see which name suits her the most. Good luck!
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    I actually prefer Cordelia Celeste, i think it flows much more fluently and i think cordie/y is adorable and Cc for nicknames. I think this would be an easy win if it were me, but it isn't it is you. I call the names out loud as though calling to the child to check the names and if they feel natural and fit to me, or i say out loud, where is cordelia/Cordy? Or where is Cecelia? And so forth to see which clicks right in my heart. If you haven't done already I recommend I have been up and down the name road this week driving myself mad too so i know exactly how you feel. I was in such a panic with only 8 weeks left and no name. It is tough to agree with your partner. I think our possible at the moment has come to Hailie Rayne. Not common at all in the uk, and not horribly out there either. So i am rolling it round some see if it sits well with me x You should do the same with yours. Good luck. x

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    I voted for Cecelia. I love it. Its very gorgeous and elegant. (And I like the nickname "Cece".)
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    They are both lovely but I voted couldn't go wrong either way!

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