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    Question about Home-Test/Blood-Test

    Updating 7/20/13: So I haven't been on for awhile. I think I just needed a break. I love names and thinking about my future family but, it is starting to hurt. I'm not pregnant. They actually have no idea what is wrong with me. I ended up never getting it. Now I'm just worried for what the future is going to bring. I hope everyone has been having good luck. Thanks for reading.

    So, I went to the Doctors today because I was 2 weeks late and had a Neg home-test. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't user error or if something else was wrong since It's abnormal for me to be late. The Doctors Office also had a Neg Home-test but, still wanted to do a Blood-test. I was just wondering if anyone had a Neg Home-test but, Positive Blood-test. It just feels unlikely to me but, I didn't mind doing the Blood-test anyways.

    Thanks for reading! I appreciate any comments.
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    I've never experienced it but I know it is possible to have a negative hpt but a positive blood test. I have heard stories about women not getting positive hpt's even weeks after they find out they're pregnant.

    Good luck, I hope you get the result you're hoping for.
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    The blood test, which quantifies the level of B-HCG (the "pregnancy hormone") in your blood, is the gold standard. It is impossible to misinterpret and there are no false positives or false negatives. HPTs can be used incorrectly, can expire, can plain not work-- they rely on you excreting the hormone in your urine at a high enough level to detect it. It can be affected by a number of factors-- if you're drinking lots of water, for example, your urine will be very dilute and the concentration of hormone will be low.

    If you cycle regularly, have had sex in the last month, and are two weeks late-- I would definitely take the blood draw.
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    Thank you both scarletrune and blade for answering. I was secretly hoping you would reply blade. I'm constantly drinking water or tea so that makes sense that I have diluted urine. I just thought a neg test they wouldn't of even do a blood-test. I'm just hoping I'm okay and healthy regardless of the results.
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    When I got pregnant with my son I took about 4 home pregnancy tests and 3 blood tests.,.. ALL NEGATIVE... then i decided to take 1 more and BANG pregnant! Turns out I had ovulated late and the tests just were not able to tell yet!

    I would go get a blood tests in a week if your period hasnt showed up yet!

    Good luck!
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