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    lol, there is a woman who goes to my church whose name is Faythe.

    At the same time... YES, these names are awful. And yes, I would much rather see Catherine and Juliet and Isabella and even Sloane above D'Lylah, but I'm getting so sick of the rants. These are actual children with these names, and while it's unfortunate, it's just a name. I know dozens of children with much worse, and it's just the area I'm in, just the ministry my church targets where parents use these types of names, and just because a kid has an awful name doesn't make them an awful child, and a name only defines so much. This trend doesn't seem to be dying down, so I'm not really sure if having a name like Destyne instead of Destiny (or even something classic like Lillian) will really hold her back.

    I think we all agree misspellings make us cringe and we all feel strongly about it, but complaining thread after thread isn't really helping any of them.

    Well, this is sort of a name site. Which generally means you talk about names, including the good, bad, and cringe worthy. I'm not saying anything about the children being an awful child, I wouldn't judge a child based off their name. It's not like they chose it. But yeah, elitist as it may sound, I"m going to judge the parents of a child who named their kid Kla. And I do think if the spelling gets overly ridiculous (J-kub) or invokes obvious teasing (Analy) it does hold children back. Naming your kid a name that can't even intuitively be read or pronounced yet is expected to be pronounced like a common name (like Kla for Kayla) can in fact impact them negatively as they age in many ways or even keep them from being taken seriously in the work force or on resume. True, maybe a kid could go by Kay or Ann or whatever but people will have to see a name like Analy at some point attached to the person. Maybe it's wrong for people to judge a person by their name, but we all know it happens, and some of this just crosses the line. Of course not everyone needs to be named a classic name, and even variant spellings like Caitlin/Kaitlin/Katelyn to me make no real difference because they are still reasonable enough that people won't mock them for it or stare at it trying to figure out what it even says. But seriously, who is going to see Sthefany on a resume and not just think it's a typo?
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