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    There are as many girls named Sthefany as Kirstie, Coretta, Kaye, and Dulcie. @ @

    Looking up the top 7000 names, ranked so that names that have multiple spellings are counted all together as a single name to get a real measure of their popularity. The site shows how many of each child with each spelling was born. I’m looking for 2011. Here are some of the genius parents we have from 2011.

    Number of kids named:

    Klowi (Chloe) 6

    Xoey (Zoe) 29

    Heyli (Haley) 9

    Nataliee (Natalie) 11

    Mkenzi (Mackenzie) 5 and Mikenzii (7)

    Aahna (Ana/Anna)14

    Teighlor (Taylor) 7

    Lundyn (London) 81

    Melony (Melanie) 46 (as in…like a melon?!)

    Deztyni (Destiny) 6

    Jenasis (Genesis) 22

    Faythe (Faith) 14

    Jlyn (Jaylyn)10

    Kla (Kayla) 10

    Jahde (Jade) 5

    Sthefany (Stephanie) 5

    Dlylah (Delilah) 7

    Jenipher (Jennifer) 5

    Shyanne (Cheyenne) 222 (um…so you named your child… Shy Anne?!)

    Journee (383), Jurnee (190), Journei (60) (Journey)

    Kwynn (Quinn) 8

    Angle (Angel) 7 (Like…a RIGHT ANGLE?)

    Miley (987) *just facepalms*

    Lyndzee (5) Lincy (5) Lyndzie (5) Lynzee (5) (as in Lindsay)

    Ivee (Ivy) 15

    Hydie (Heidi) 5

    Lyriq (Lyric) 47

    Jlee (5) and Jleigh (5) (aka Jaylee)

    Any (Annie) 5 (as in do you want any more food?!)

    Karsyn (Carson) 408 *facepalmfacepalmfacepalm*

    Myrikal (Miracle) 11

    Annistyn (Aniston) 28 (…if you’re naming your child after someone famous, SPELL IT RIGHT)

    Yunique (Unique) 9

    Analy (Annalee) 61 (yes…as in…taking it up the butt)

    As a comparison…these comparably normal names had THIS many kids:

    Coretta (5)

    Kirstie (5)

    Dulcie (5)

    Lupe (6)

    Alexandrina (6)

    Antonina (17)

    Tora (9)

    Geri (9)

    Polly (44)

    Kaye (5)

    Mena (37)

    Noreen (20)

    Dori (13)

    Roseanne (7)

    Christiane (13)

    Faithmarie (7)

    Kiki (10)

    Lisamarie (10)

    Veronique (11)

    Roselle (6)

    Jessamine (8)

    Azura (16)

    Trish (16)

    Morgana (11)

    Drucilla (9)

    Felipa (8)

    Imogene (13)

    Sheryl (24)

    Jeanne (39)

    Cathy (47)

    Aretha (5)

    Thomasina (6)

    There are more people named Journee than all those names combined.

    There are more people named Miley than Heather (387), Brittney (202),Dawn (93), Lisa (392) combined.

    Adriana Josephine,Alessandra Mary,Leah Susannah Claire,Mariana Abigail,Marisol Demetria,Caroline Michaela,Angelina Josephine,Susannah Loretta Fay,Leah Katarina,Eliza Cristina Joyce,Antonia Faith,Diana Jade,Audrina Rosemary,Sarah Guinevere,Catherine Ariadne, Jade Olivia *Nathaniel Malachi, Wesley Joseph,Gavin Daniel,Daniel Nico,Lewis Malcolm,Jared Levi,Jesse Levi,Connor Sebastian,Callum Wade,Keegan Jude,Quentin Dominic,Adam Elias,Calder Avery,Riley Shea,Adrian Daniel,Avery Shea,Joseph Dominic

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    I think some of those, such as Angle, are a misspelling on the part of whoever typed up the paperwork.
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    Interesting! Could be some misspellings from parents, too, rather than people who typed up the paperwork. People can be really terrible spellers.

    As a side note, I have always loved Dulcie and knew a lovely girl with this name when I was a teenager (she would be in her 30s now).
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    I feel badly for all of the children with "yooneek" or "kre8tif" spellings. Their parents are just setting them up for a lifetime of spelling their names. They look like letters randomly thrown together rather than names (Dlylah, Deztyni? Sthefany? Yikes!). Some of the other names may have to be spelled as well but at least the spellings are correct. I don't mind Christiane, Veronique, Jessamine, Morgana and Thomasina.
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    lol, there is a woman who goes to my church whose name is Faythe.

    At the same time... YES, these names are awful. And yes, I would much rather see Catherine and Juliet and Isabella and even Sloane above D'Lylah, but I'm getting so sick of the rants. These are actual children with these names, and while it's unfortunate, it's just a name. I know dozens of children with much worse, and it's just the area I'm in, just the ministry my church targets where parents use these types of names, and just because a kid has an awful name doesn't make them an awful child, and a name only defines so much. This trend doesn't seem to be dying down, so I'm not really sure if having a name like Destyne instead of Destiny (or even something classic like Lillian) will really hold her back.

    I think we all agree misspellings make us cringe and we all feel strongly about it, but complaining thread after thread isn't really helping any of them.
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