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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Chiming in as a Brit

    I agree with your friend that word names are not usually used as names in England, while a lot of people like more unusual names, they're not random words. But I don't think using a beautiful word like Winter sounds chavy (especially in the middle), I would be more concerned with sister Vivienne Gray to be honest.
    Interesting. Is Vivienne chavvy now? Too associated with Brangelina? Gray is a family name, so not just an aesthetic choice.

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    Winter is gorgeous! I love more unusual names as middle names. Felicity Winter sounds warm and spunky!

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    I love Winter as both a first name and a middle name! Felicity Winter is very pretty!
    nineteen & renaming myself soon

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    I love Winter in the middle spot! I actually considered Hazel Winter when I was pregnant with my DD (Who is Hazel Naomi) because most of our family are born November - February so we thought it would be cool! But Naomi won. Poet Winter is my favourite Winter combo, but it's on my GP list for obvious reasons haha!

    Felicity Winter is really pretty! I would love to encounter a little Felicity Winter.
    Hazel Naomi ♥ Arthur Redding

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    Winter has been my favorite girl name since 2008! So sad to see it's gotten into the top 1000 this year.

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