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    I love Winter. Someone suggested it for a middle to my personal fave, Tallulah. There's something about Winter that is so whimsical and fresh. I'm not sure how I feel about it with Felicity but I love the name itself.
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    I am Canadian and live in a rural/working class area, so my opinion might not really count. But I love Winter. I have recently suggested it to my hubby actually and he is mulling it over. Anyway, Winter doesn't seem like a classy, better than working class name to me. It just feels really fresh and down to earth.
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    Felicity Winter is a bit too wordy for me personally.
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    I love Winter! It's my daughter's second middle name - Cornelia Hermione Winter. We chose it because it honors a Winn plus we both like the sounding and I was born in winter. Cornelia was born in May so I think it works not only for winter babies.
    Felicity Winter is beautiful and although I love Winter, in your situation I would use Felicity Eve.

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    I love Winter as both a first and a middle name! I think it's a fresh seasonal name, that could work very well in modern day. Go for it! I also love Felicity.

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