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    I think Winter is okay. I much prefer Snow. Felicity Eve is beautiful!
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    Thanks for the comments--glad it's at least not horrible! For those not so keen, what is it that you don't like? Do the styles clash, is the flow funny, or does it just not work?

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    I agree with your friend that word names are not usually used as names in England, while a lot of people like more unusual names, they're not random words. But I don't think using a beautiful word like Winter sounds chavy (especially in the middle), I would be more concerned with sister Vivienne Gray to be honest.
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    I love Winter. I'm usually not a word name person, but this is one of the modern names I'm really fond of. It sounds refreshing and strong. Eve is the more conventional choice and will never garner you a raised eyebrow, but it's also not as special in my opinion.

    And I wouldn't let a potential association with the "working class" (however negative that association might be for you) stop you from choosing a wonderful middle name. If you're primarily concerned about the name projecting sophistication and class, though, then maybe Felicity Eve is the better combination. As a previous commenter said, Winter is more whimsical and creative.

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    Yay! I love Winter. I don't love word names very much, but Winter is my gp. I don't like Felicity, but Winter does sound good with it.
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