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Thread: Ballerina Names

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    Ballerina Names

    Dance is a huge part of my life and something I would love to share with my daughters. My top name is Clara, which has obvious dance connections to the Nutcracker. What other names can you think of with a dance connection (it doesn't have to be ballet)? What names conjure up the image of a little ballerina, or dancer for you?

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    Love the name Clara for it's connection to the Nutcracker too!

    Names that make me think of ballet -

    Odette - Swan Lake
    Names of girls that I did ballet with as a little girl: Lecelin, Camille, Anita, Cecilia

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    Posy, Pauline and Darcy seem like obvious dancer names to me

    Others that suit feel classic, pretty and dainty to me: Fleur, Lily, Eve, Anna, Rose, India, Grace, Ivy, Elise, May, Nell, Pearl

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    Alessandra- Alessandra Ferri
    Antonina- Don Quixote
    Columbina- Harlequin
    Nikiya- La Bayadere
    Ondine- Ondine
    Rosaline- Romeo & Juliet
    Juliet- Romeo & Juliet
    Alexandra- Alexandra Danilova
    Aminta- Sylvia ( the male lead...)
    Clairemarie- Claireemarie Osta
    Coppelia- Coppelia
    Isadora- Isadora Duncan
    Kitri- Don Quixote
    Margot- Margot Fonteyn
    Palemon- Ondine
    Anna- Anna Pavlova
    Allegra- Allegra Kent
    Aurelie- Aurelie DuPont
    Aurora- Sleeping Beauty
    Coralia- Coralia (older version of Ondine)
    Gelsey- Gesley Kirkland
    Giselle- Giselle
    Odette- Swan Lake

    Hope this helps!
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    Here are a few I found:

    Carinosa (Philippine dance of love)
    Eisa (folk dance)
    Lindy (jitterbug dance)
    Minuet (Baroque dance)
    Serra (war dance)
    Veleta (ballroom dance)

    Plus there is this list that might help!

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