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    Name/Nickname Struggles

    I am posting on behalf of my sister, who is expecting her second son in September.

    She and her husband have tentatively decided on the name Sullivan (perhaps Sullivan Edward) but really like the nickname Saul. Is this usable?

    We reason that Saul for Sullivan is every bit as sense-ical as than the commonly-used Jerry for Gerald, but there does seem to be an issue with pronunciation: Saul (sounding like "all") versus Sull (sounding like "null"). What do you think?

    Is the spelling Saulivan ridiculous? Any other cute suggestions for how she could get to nn Saul?

    Her first son does have a fairly traditional name, John Kelley. They most commonly use the double name, though he's also referred to as J.K. and John. Sullivan is, then, in line with Kelley's Irish tradition.


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