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    Middle name for Hailie?

    We are thinking of names for our little girl soon to be born. Hailie ( Hay-lee) is something we both like that is not common here in the uk. I love a lot of the common names but detest the idea of her being the 7th lily or 5th evie or 22nd isabelle in her class no matter how much the names are pretty.... Hailie i think is girlie and pretty and although i hear it is common in the states it is not over here and i am trying desperately to think of a middle name to go with it.
    I have decided a shorter name would probably suit a little better than another long one , Taylor will be her surname if that helps. Suggestions would be appreciated so much, my partner is difficult to agree with and I am a little fussy i guess, I really want it to flow well and suit and roll off your tongue well. It has to be right, which i am sure any mama understands.

    Please help

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