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Thread: Teen Mom Name

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    Teen Mom Name

    One of the girls from 16 and Pregnant is having a baby girl this summer and she's decided to name her Jayleigh.
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    ...Wow. That manages to combine the irritatingly common -leigh ending with the explosion of J names in the most unimaginative way possible. If that won't become dated before her daughter's in the first grade, I don't know what will. Not to mention that it sounds like jail. Hardly a favorable association.
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    Ugh. It could be worse but it could be so much better. Jolie would have been a much more attractive choice!

    These shows do give teenage mums a bad image sometimes, I know plenty of teen mums who have really nicely named children! One of my teen mum friends has a little Arlo which I adore! It honors her grandpa, too.
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