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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnylove View Post
    I would pronounce it the same as Violet. Same as Juliet/Juliette. English speakers will assume they are pronounced the same.
    This is what I was thinking.
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    I would absolutely use the vee-oh-let pronunciation for Violette.

    I prefer Violette to Violet, but I think you should pick one spelling with one pronunciation and stick to it.
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    See, this bothers me (which is why I wouldn't go for Violette). I like the dainty, French appeal of Violette, but if I used a French name, I would want the legit French pronunciation, which I think would be hard to get (especially in the US). Plus, I like the sound of VIE-let much more than vee-oh-let. I think it would get lumped in with Violet, anyway, so the changed spelling would really only be a hassle. It's a plus that it'd be said correctly in school, but I'm not sure it would be worth it to try and enforce it everywhere else.
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    Thank you all for your opinions. I think we would stick with the English spelling and pronunciation in the end "Violet" and just let the French teachers at school pronounce it "Vee-oh-let" if they like!

    Thanks again!

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